Commercial and Multi-family Project Manager

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Forge Craft Architecture and Design


Forge Craft Architecture and Design is seeking a Project Manager or Project Architect with multi-family and/or mixed-use experience. This position entails overseeing multi-family projects: you will lead the design effort, drawing representation, and project documentation; coordinate the work of a complex consultant team; manage the project schedule; and maintain the client relationship through regular and effective communication. This position requires a minimum of five year’s experience specific to multi-family architecture. Forge Craft is a leader in affordable housing so experience in this area is a plus.

Forge Craft has adopted a hybrid work environment where employees work from home and in the office. We encourage a social environment where employees interact on a daily basis for the benefit of the projects and their own social connection with each other. Forge Craft was founded on the principals that building design and building performance are held equally as the highest goals. We believe this leads to the best design and the most sustainable project. We have a strong pursuit of using alternative building technologies which includes modular, off-site fabrication and 3D printing.

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