BIM manager

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Greenworld Materials
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Michael Torres
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We are in search of a BIM manager for Efficient Steel Solutions (software company). Our efficient fabrication and logistics processes help reduce the cost of steel up to 30% per pound.  The focus of our software is to provide time and money saving solutions to the Drywall, Structural Steel and Panelization industries.   We have our own licensee fabrication company GreenWorld Materials to showcase our capabilities, provide training and perform local fabrication in Austin, Texas.
We have essentially created a back-end ERP system that receives information from Revit to drive the ERP system.   The ERP system is called PEPPCSI (Pricing, Estimating, Purchasing, Production Planning/Control, Cutting/Fabrication, Shipping, & Invoicing).  It is a full scope ERP system designed to handle not only Steel Fabrication but also Concrete Panel Fabrication.   Eventually, we plan to include other trades as part of this system. The company has been awarded 9 patents, some of which are utilized in the software.

We offer a competitive salary with a sizable stock option package. The Founders last software company, CSID, sold to Experian for $360M and the one prior to that sold to HNC Fair Isaac.  Thus, Stock options proved to be very valuable. We are looking for a top-notch BIM Manager or Director to help lead our team. If you are interested or if you could refer us to a qualified candidate, we are offering a $5,000 referral fee for a referral leading to a hire.

See below for an article related to the sale of the Founders prior company.