Appropriate Construction & Digital Fabrication Engineer

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Escobedo Studio
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Jon Ray
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We're seeking an expert in the field of structural design, computational engineering, and digital fabrication to help us create and fine-tune the future of construction.

Our company manufactures and erects high-quality buildings better, faster, and more efficiently, with less material waste or impact on the environment.

We build each structure—the entire building, cabinetry, steelwork, and stonework—using 3D modeling with AutoDesk Inventor and computer-aided manufacturing equipment in our Buda, Texas facility to accomplish these goals.

We are seeking an Appropriate Construction & Digital Fabrication Engineer whose primary focus is to streamline the process where architectural drawings are converted from AutoCad & Revit into AutoDesk Inventor 3D models and then sent to our computer-aided manufacturing equipment for production.

You will work with a team of innovators to identify any bottlenecks in our production process as it relates to drawing in AutoCad Inventor and the management of that information flow to our CAM equipment. You will develop valid solutions or strategies for optimization.

We're looking to produce the highest quality product (luxury homes) in the most cost- and time-efficient manner (up to half the time of conventional construction).

You will have an expert understanding of appropriate construction and process improvement methodologies, structural engineering, AutoDesk Inventor, prefabrication strategies, CAM equipment, and industrial engineering processes.

We want to speed up and make our software to CAM equipment experience more efficient and optimized. What takes 5 clicks now, should only take 1 click next year. Your unique expertise will help us optimize our code, processes, procedures, and high-level thinking to evolve into a more efficient fabrication and manufacturing facility.

We're seeking a visionary with a proven track record of thinking outside the box and grounding big ideas into reality. You will be able to see all the areas for improvement and guide a team into implementing those optimizations.

Our job is to build luxury homes in up to half the time of conventional building methods. Your job is to make sure everything in our digital fabrication process is functioning at its highest capacity. For the right candidate, who proves valuable in improving our systems, there is ample opportunity for advancement, but you must prove your ideas out.

Our systems are working well enough, but we know they can continue improving and this is your opportunity to step up to the plate and bring your expertise and optimization strategies to a rapidly growing organization.

Education Requirements:

  • The Appropriate Construction & Digital Fabrication Engineer should have at least a BS in a relevant field of engineering and expert knowledge of AutoCad Inventor and other Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools. An MS degree, and/or degrees in mechanical, electrical, structural, or industrial engineering are preferred.
  • Minimum 3+ years’ experience in either an engineering consulting firm or relevant work
  • AutoCAD Inventor, Revit
  • Practical work experience in digital fabrication & appropriate construction or similar industry
  • Working knowledge of residential home construction methods
  • Hard work ethic and a willingness for professional growth

Other Duties / Requirements:

  • Fully comply with all company Health and Safety requirements, including reporting all accidents, near accidents, and hazards.
  • Other duties as directed by management.

We are an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, veteran status, political affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status or disability (in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act) with respect to employment opportunities.

Interested and qualified applicants, please send a resume and portfolio to:
Jon Ray –