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Life happens whether you are prepared or not. I do not have a choice about when I'll get the flu, or have to spend hours filing an insurance claim, or meet with the cable guy. These are hours of my life I'll never get back. At the same time, family and domestic life bring huge joys which also require several (or more) hours per day and must be balanced out with work.

TxA Membership Changes - "The Big Tent"

The Texas Society of Architects (now TxA) is seeking to broaden the discussion of the built environment under the leadership of 2013 TxA President Larry Speck, FAIA.  The concept of the “Big Tent” revolves around engaging individuals who are not architects but have an interest in or influence the design of architecture in Texas and bringing them into the TxA organization.

Event Food for Thought Class

February 13, 2013 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

This event has already occurred.

Market your Business Online

This is a great “how to” for businesses looking to market themselves online leveraging the multitude of free or inexpensive tools available today. From Wordpress websites to social media and email platforms, leave this course with a better understanding of the tools and how to use them to promote your business online.

Impact your City

The leadership of AIA Austin needs your feedback and thoughts on issues that impact many of our members.

We have presented here, several items that the Advocacy and Board of Directors are studying.  Please review these items and respond as appropriate.  Some of them require your feedback to us - some,  to the appropriate City staff or even Council.  Others are simply to keep the information coming your way.

Notice of Issuance of Request for Qualifications

AUSTIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE is soliciting qualifications for: