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2013 DV3x2 Internship Program Firm Applications

Would you like to host student interns at your firm for a day? The DV3x2 Internship Program allows local high school students to gain insight into and experience at architecture, landscape architecture, interiors, and engineering firms. Each firm hosts 3 students for 2 hours per visit for a total time commitment of 6 hours (3 students x 2 hours) over the week of July 8-12th, 2013. A firm may choose to host all 3 students on one day or spread out the visits over the week.

2013 DV3x2 Internship Program Student Applications

Do you know any high school students 14 years and up who would be interested in job shadowing at three different design firms in a week? If so, have them fill out a student applications for the DV3x2 Internship Program. The internship week is July 8th - 12th. Thursday June 27th is the DV3x2 Kick-off where the students and firms get to meet and mingle at the AIA office. July 18th is the Summer FInale tour and talk, last year we toured the MACC with Jaime Paloma, the previous year we took the students to Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems with Gail Vittori and Pliny Fisk.

Old Bakery is Open to a New Future

Our Old bakery efforts are at a crossroads, so let me take this opportunity to refocus our message: ////

We’ve collected over 700 ideas for short and long-term improvements and activities on the Old Bakery Block at 1000 Congress Ave., and now wish to leverage our work by applying these ideas to parallel and complementary planning efforts.////

DV3x2 Internship Program 2012

DV3x2 Internship Week is July 9th-13th. Applications are due Friday May 4th.

We need 30 firms to participate this year - high school students from KIPP, American Youth Works and Ann Richards School for Women Leaders will all participate this year! Email completed applications to Catherine French at or mail/drop-off at the AIA Office. Please see attached application, email Catherine for a pdf of the application.

Thank you,

Design Voice Committee