Austin's adopted codes: explained!

What are these new codes that the City of Austin has adopted? Is Austin’s version different from other cities? Do we need to change how we design buildings?     For our October committee meeting we hosted several key plan review and inspection officials from the City of Austin- Jose Roig, J.B. Meier, Ron Menard, Carl Wren, and Joe Limon. They presented slides, videos, and handouts to shine some light on where the building and fire codes have changed this month.     I will mention a few items here, and link to the full powerpoint presentations.

Potential 2011 Design Award Jurors

At the last Design Awards Committee Meeting on 10/13/10, the committee discussed potential jurors for the 2011 AIA Austin Design Awards.  They are sorted into the three categories below to help narrow down our selection while maintaining diversity.

UTSOA lecture options:

Nader Tehrani, MA /


Interested in helping AIA Austin be involved in a City of Austin Summit this November regarding the impact of Urban Design on Childhood Obesity and Community Health?  Contact me (Steve Oliver)

During this October, there will be a short planning exercise in conjunction with local planning professionals to assist our City Council in illustrating physical obstacles and potential opportunities in reenvisioning our community structure.  


Willingness to share ideas and work in a small group.

Event Architecture at the Umlauf

September 2, 2010 - 7:15pm to 8:00pm

This event has already occurred.

A Monthly Lecture Series

Brian Dillard, AIA

A Tale of Three Additions, and Other Works

Admission $5 - Free to museum members

Sponsored by AvenueOne Properties & AIA Austin

Hosted by Scott Harvey & Carla Umlauf

More information at or call 512.992.3574.

Next lecture - October 6th - Jay Hargrave, AIA

AIA Austin 2010 Summer Conference


I'm very excited about  our education line up this year.  We're happy to bring Keynote Speakers, Kathy Zarsky, Associate AIA of HOLO who on Thursday will present Learning About Biomimicry and introduction to biomimicry as a sensible, eco-friendly approach to design; and, on Friday, Hugh Hochberg of The Coxe Group in Seattle who will present Change or Die! An exploration of the direction of practice and the factors and trends that will influence it.