2022 AIA Austin Honor Awards

Our Honor Award recipients were honored at the Form:Function Celebration and Benefit on November 17, 2022!  Form:Function is an Austin Foundation for Architecture celebration and benefit featuring the prestigious AIA Austin Honor Award winners, including the Alan Yamato Taniguchi, FAIA, Award for Public Architecture jointly presented with the Austin Foundation for Architecture. See pix here!

The 2022 AIA Austin Honor Award winners are:

Peter Mullan
Alan Yamato Taniguchi, FAIA, Award for Public Architecture

Award Underwriter: Rogers-O’Brien Construction
Jointly presented with the Austin Foundation for Architecture

Viviana Trevino, AIA
Associate Member of the Year Award

Award Underwriter: Dalgleish Construction Company

Stephi Motal, AIA
Emerging Professional Achievement Award

Award Underwriter: Arrowhead Construction

Community First! Village
Community Vision Award

Award Underwriter: Encotech Engineering Consultants

McCann Adams Studio
Firm Achievement Award

Award Underwriter: Austin Concrete Development

Wendy Dunnam Tita, FAIA
John V. Nyfeler, FAIA, Community Service Award

Award Underwriter: Foursquare Builders

Thank you to our 2022 Honor Award Sponsors!


Arrowhead Construction

Austin Concrete Development

Dalgleish Construction Company

Encotech Engineering Consultants

Foursquare Commercial

Rogers-O'Brien Construction


Honor Award Categories


The Firm Achievement Award is the highest honor that AIA Austin can bestow on an architecture firm for outstanding contributions to the community, profession, and/or the creation of distinguished architecture.

Criteria: Candidates will be evaluated on how well they meet the following program criteria pertaining to the firm's architecture and its contributions to the profession and the community: 1.A body of architectural work of great breadth and depth, having influenced the direction or practice of architecture in Austin. 2. Firm and employee contributions and service to the profession. 3. Firm and employee contributions and service to the community.

Eligibility: Practices of any size are eligible for this award. Firms that have been reorganized and whose names have been changed or modified are also eligible, as long as the firm has been in operation for a period of at least 10 years. Firm principals must be AIA members in good standing in the Austin area. No more than one such award shall be made in any year. Award may not be given annually. As a "member firm" of AIA Austin, all eligible firm principals must be current members.

Submission Package: Submissions are to include a completed nomination form, a one-page nominating letter, summary of the firm's contributions, a summary of the firm's history, and a minimum of three letters of support from individuals or organizations outside of the nominated firm.

Previous Award Recipients:

1997 Moore/Andersson Architects
1998 Page Southerland Page
1999 Barnes Architects
2000 TeamHaas
2001 Mell Lawrence Architects
2002 KRDB
2003 Black & Vernooy
2004 Graeber Simmons & Cowan
2005/06 Miro Rivera Architects
2007 McKinney York Architects
2008 Limbacher Godfrey
2009 Dick Clark + Associates
2010 Furman + Keil Architects
2011 Paul Lamb Architects
2012 Taniguchi Architects
2013 Clayton&Little Architects
2014 Cotera+Reed Architects
2015 alterstudio architecture, llp
2016 Michael Hsu Office of Architecture
2017 Baldridge Architects
2018 STG Design
2019 Webber+Studio, Architects
2020 Page/
2021 Studio8


AIA Austin seeks to honor the achievements of local design professionals in their early years of practice. In 2016, to broaden that recognition, we created two distinct Honor Award categories: Emerging Professionals and Associate Member of the Year.


The Emerging Professional Achievement Award recognizes professional achievement and leadership by architects who are in their first 10 years of practice after licensure.

Nominees should exemplify exceptional work and general excellence in the practice of architecture, including but not limited to work in some or all of the following categories: design, construction science, literature, education, service to the profession, public service, historic preservation, research, urban design, government, industry, and architectural practice. The Honor Award is intended to recognize both current accomplishment and future potential.

Eligibility: Nominees must be members of AIA Austin in good standing, licensed to practice architecture, and within their first 10 years of practice after licensure. They may be sole practitioners or in association with a firm. Eligible nominees must have received their license on or after Jan. 1, 2010.

Submission Package: Submissions are to include a completed nomination form, a one-page nominating letter, summary of the nominee's contributions, a resume, a photo, and a minimum of three supporting recommendation letters.

Previous Award Recipients:

1996 Chris Noack, AIA
1997 Jacqueline Dodson, AIA
1998 Suzanne Rose, AIA
1999 Heather Solis, AIA
2000 Michael Wm. Rupe, Assoc. AIA
2001 Brian Roeder, AIA
2002 Amy Hammons, Assoc. AIA
2003 Michelle Rossomando, AIA
2004 Michele Van Hyfte, AIA
2005/06 Murray Legge, AIA
2007 Paul Bielamowicz, AIA
2008 Stephen Oliver, AIA
2009 Richard Weiss, AIA
2010 Eva Schone, AIA
2011 Brandon Townsend, AIA
2012 Keith Simon, AIA
2013 Philip Southwick, AIA
2014 John Cameron, AIA
2015 Beau Frail, Assoc. AIA
2016 Jaime Crawley, AIA
2017 Matt Fajkus, AIA
2018 Shelby Blessing, AIA
2019 Diana Su, AIA
2020 Lucy Begg, AIA
2021 Sophia Razzaque, AIA

Awarded to an individual Associate AIA member who best exemplifies the highest qualities of leadership, and has demonstrated unparalleled dedication and commitment to the AIA Austin Chapter, the community, and to the profession of architecture. The nominee should be a role model in the organization with these qualities: goes beyond the call of duty in service to the profession, influences improvement in the organization at the local level, encourages participation among fellow members and nonmembers, exemplifies qualities of leadership and of professional practice.

Eligibility: The nominee must be a current Associate Member of AIA Austin who can demonstrate that they are on a path toward licensure.

Submission Package: Submissions are to include a completed nomination form, a one-page nominating letter, summary of the nominee's contributions, a resume, a photograph, and a minimum of two supporting recommendation letters.

Previous Award Recipients:

2016 Wilson Hack, Assoc. AIA
2017 David Goujon, Assoc. AIA
2018 Gerardo Gandy, Assoc. AIA
2019 Ricardo Maga Rojas, Assoc. AIA
2020 Christine Sheng, Assoc. AIA
2021 Kendall Claus, Assoc. AIA

(Formerly the Edwin Waller Award for Public Architecture)

This award is presented to recognize achievements of architects, public officials, or other individuals for their role as advocates for the advancement of architecture through their work with the public, or from which the public and/or community benefits. To reflect the breadth and evolution of Austin's architecture as well as the diversity of the community who shapes it, this award will be jointly presented by AIA Austin and the Austin Foundation for Architecture with a new name beginning in 2020. Formerly named after Edwin Waller, Austin's first mayor, for his early contributions to the City, including the establishment of the original city grid, the Award for Public architecture is renamed in honor of Alan Y. Taniguchi, FAIA. As an early stalwart for social consciousness and environmental sensitivity through the practice of architecture, Taniguchi's professional and academic legacies remain relevant to the criteria that currently shapes our city.

Eligibility: Nominated architecture professionals must be a current Member or Associate Member of AIA Austin. Membership is not a requirement for public officials or other individual advocates.

Submission Package: Submissions are to include a completed nomination form, a one page nominating letter, summary of the nominee's contributions, a photo, and a minimum of two recommendation letters.

Previous Award Recipients:

1998 Lex Acker, AIA
1999 Girard Kinney, AIA
2000 Stan Graves, AIA
2001 Toni Thomasson, AIA
2002 Nathan Schneider, AIA
2003 Jana McCann, AIA
2004 Herman Thun, AIA
2005/06 Greg Kiloh, AIA
2007 Melba Whatley, Hon. TxA
2008 George Adams
2009 Sue Edwards
2010 Will Wynn
2011 Jim Walker
2012 Stuart Sampley, AIA
2013 Kalpana Sutaria, AIA
2014 Richard Morgan
2015 Chris Riley
2016 Jill and Stephen Wilkinson
2017 Sharon Fleming, AIA
2018 Not Awarded
2019 Alan Holt, AIA
2020 Senator Kirk Watson
2021 Bill Mullane, AIA

Named to acknowledge the first recipient, John V. Nyfeler, FAIA, for his leadership in the community, this award is for an individual AIA Austin member for extended commitment to their community whether or not this service is directly related to the profession. Recipients should demonstrate how their contributions have improved the standard of living of the community or how they have influenced policies that support those improvements.

Eligibility: Nominated architects must be current members of AIA Austin.

Submission Package: Submissions are to include a completed nomination form, a one page nominating letter, summary of the nominee's contributions, a resume, a photo, and a minimum of two supporting recommendation letters.

Previous Award Recipients:

2003 John V. Nyfeler, FAIA
2004 Girard Kinney, AIA
2005/06 Laurie Limbacher, AIA
2007 Karen McGraw, AIA
2008 Tom Hatch, AIA
2009 Juan Cotera, FAIA
2010 Donna Carter, FAIA
2011 Sinclair Black, FAIA
2012 Jana McCann, AIA
2013 Milton E. Hime, AIA
2014 Stephen K. Oliver, AIA
2015 Alan Holt, AIA
2016 Philip Keil, AIA
2017 Jim Susman, AIA
2018 CodeNext Advocacy Team
2020 Benny L. Hawkins, AIA
2021 AIA Austin Women in Architecture Committee

First awarded to Austin Foundation Communities in 2011, this award serves to recognize an individual or organization that has been instrumental in moving forward an affordable housing initiative in the greater Austin area.

Eligibility: Nominees may be an individual or organization (non-profit status is preferred, but not required).

Submission Package: The submission is to include a nominating letter summarizing the individual or organization's contributions, material describing the program or activities and a supporting letter of recommendation.

Previous Award Recipients:

2011 Foundation Communities
2012 Diana McIver
2013 Austin Community Design & Development Center
2014 Guadalupe Neighborhood Development Corporation
2015 Austin Habitat for Humanity
2016 Mobile Loaves and Fishes
2017 Blackland CDC
2018 The Housing Authority of the City of Austin
2020 Clarksville Community Development Corporation
2021 Chestnut Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation